August 24, 2020

"Too Much Screen Time"

Social media is a blessing and a curse. I love that I am able to still communicate with my fans and see all my friends and acquaintances beautiful faces but sometimes, I need a break. I wake up to people making amazing elaborate meals, experiencing beautiful nature, dressed in beautiful clothing and working out their chiseled bodies while I inch myself out of bed and  find the motivation to make myself coffee. It is so easy to ignore reality when there is so much excess online..

The worst part is that I fail to appreciate what I do have because I'm looking at what I don’t. I should be so grateful to wake up and be healthy and capable, to have people in my life who love and support me, and things to keep me motivated. It is crazy how those things can be pushed to the side because of pictures on a screen and other people’s opinions. I’m so sick of hearing everybody preaching and telling other people how they should live, breath, work, and act. We are all capable of figuring that out for ourselves but we definitely are not going to find our zen and our passions trying to act like other people.

We have one life and I just want to live it to my fullest. I want to dance and sing my heart out. I want to explore the world and find love and make connections with people. I know when I get old I am not going to look back and wish I would’ve cooked perfect looking meals, had chiseled abs, or had the perfect photos. Why should I care how my life looks to other people if I am spending my time enjoying it for myself and the people around me. I want to make music that makes people feel, that is honest, and I can’t do that if I’m not focused on reality.

Social media also has amazing benefits but it is a tool for me to use, not a tool I should be used by. I can take what benefits me and leave the rest to the side, and I definitely do not need social media to prove my happiness, beauty, success, or worth as a human being. The more I live outside of social media and explore the real world, the less important it becomes and the more I appreciate what is right in front of me. A yummy meal, a breath of fresh air, the warmth of the sun, a conversation with friends, cuddling with a significant other, going on a walk and listening to music.  These are the things I really live for and these are the things that really matter to me.

At the same time, I also start to see that there is a lot I have to work on and the world has to work on . Life isn’t always beautiful and easy. It requires hard work and hard times; pain and tears. But I will never learn how to heal and feel happy again if I just numb myself with social media or anything else for that matter. I would rather see the truth and live the truth than live running away from it or searching for a picture perfect life I will never find.  


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